About Us

babydolls lawn


We have a small Olde English “Babydoll” Southdown flock. We’ve raised the lambs for the past 10 years. We also raise other registered sheep including Dorpers, Shropshires and American Southdowns. We Codon 171 test all of our sheep. I use only RR rams. I have both black ewes and white.

All sheep and lambs are registered with both NABSSAR and Mock’s OEBR registry.

We are located in Haddam, Kan., located in North Central Kansas, aboutĀ 90 milesĀ southwest of Lincoln, Neb., and 40 miles northeast of Concordia, Kan.


Ewe lambs

All ewe lambs are $550 each. This price is the same regardless of whether the ewe lamb is single registered or double registered and whether the lamb is RR or QR. All ewe lambs are Codon 171 tested and will be either QR or RR.

Ram Lambs

$400 each if registered with one association.

$425 each if registered with both association.

All of my sheep are double registered, so any lamb can carry single or double registrations.